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April 2024 Book Releases We Can’t Wait to Add to Our Shelves

April 2024 Book Releases We Can’t Wait to Add to Our Shelves

With the start of a new month comes a list of new releases to add to our TBR pile. And while we are not really sure how we’ll ever get to the bottom of that pile, we’re just gonna keep adding and figure it out later. Our wallets may not like it, but the book dragon living inside of us sure does.

So, here are four of the books we cannot wait to get our hands on this April:

1. “The Familiar” by Leigh Bardugo

Mix historical fiction, fantasy, and a healthy dose of political intrigue and you get the latest release from bestselling author Leigh Bardugo. Set in Madrid, Spain, this story follows a scullion with magical talents as she ascends from the kitchens all the way to the good graces of the king … or so she hopes. She may have to turn to an immortal familiar for help, which is not ideal since each is holding secrets that could lead to their demise.

This one sounds like it’s going to pack a suspenseful punch and maybe lead to a bit of a morally gray romance? We’re not sure yet, but it definitely has our interest piqued.

Release date: April 9, 2024

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2. “Funny Story” by Emily Henry

A queen of contemporary romance, Emily Henry strikes again with “Funny Story.” Our FMC, Daphne, is coping with a breakup from her fiancé, who has just left her for his childhood best friend. (Super cool move, dude.) But Daphne has a brilliant idea to get back at them which involves that childhood best friend’s ex, Miles. That’s totally not going to get complicated at all, right?

We love a good revenge plot and a potential friends-to-lovers romance which starts with forced proximity. We have a feeling we know where this is going and we’re definitely not mad about it.

Release Date: April 23, 2024
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3. “King of Sloth” by Ana Huang

If you’ve been reading Ana Huang’s “Kings of Sin” series, you’re probably already excited for this fourth installment. A reluctant heir to his family’s empire, Xavier Castillo has his pick of lovers. But apparently, he also wants one who he can’t (or shouldn’t) have — his publicist, Sloane Kensington. And to make matters even worse (better?), she seems to want him back.

A forbidden, billionaire, reverse grumpy/sunshine romance? Yes, please! It also seems like this is dual POV tale, which means we get to read some mutual pining. That’s always a delight.

Release Date: April 30, 2024
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4. “Bridesmaid for Hire” by Meghan Quinn

It may be time to start a new contemporary romance series, and this one sounds perfect for the start of wedding season. An event planner is on a well-earned island vacation when she runs into her sworn enemy, her brother’s best friend. Apparently he's there for a lavish wedding and not to make her life miserable, but what's the difference, really? The two had a little spark of a thing, but ever since that didn’t exactly work out, they’ve hated each other. And bad news for her, good news for us: If she wants to advance her career by attending the “wedding of the century,” she’s gonna have to pose as her enemy’s girlfriend.

Ahhhh, enemies-to-lovers. A classic trope in a beautiful, glamorous setting. There will likely be miscommunications and misunderstandings and bickering and honestly, we’re all about it.

Release Date: April 2, 2024
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So, what do you think? Are these books on your list? And what should we be adding to ours?! Let us know what you’re excited for, what you’ll skip, and what we missed.

Happy reading, fellow book hoarders!

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