Most anticipated reads for February 2024!

Most anticipated reads for February 2024!

February is here, and you know what that means – a fresh batch of literary wonders to swoon over! Let's take a deep dive into the most anticipated reads this month and add a hefty dose of excitement to our TBR lists!


  1. A Fate Inked in Blood: Book One of the No Saga of the Unfated by Danielle L. Jensen 
    A Fate Inked in Blood

    A shield maiden blessed by the gods battles to unite a nation under a power-hungry king—while also fighting her growing desire for his fiery son—in this Norse-inspired fantasy romance from the bestselling author of The Bridge Kingdom series. 

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  1. Fangirl Down by Tessa Bailey. 

    Fangirl Down

    Wells Whitaker was once golf’s hottest rising star, but lately, all he has to show for his “promising” career is a killer hangover, a collection of broken clubs, and one remaining supporter. No matter how bad he plays, the beautiful, sunny redhead is always on the sidelines. He curses, she cheers. He scowls, she smiles. But when Wells quits in a blaze of glory and his fangirl finally goes home, he knows he made the greatest mistake of his life.

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  2. Empire of the Damned by Jay Kristoff
    Empire of the Damned
    From the New York Times bestselling author of the Nevernight Chronicle, Jay Kristoff, comes the much-anticipated sequel to the #1 international bestselling sensation EMPIRE OF THE VAMPIRE

    From holy cup comes holy light;
    The faithful hands sets world aright.
    And in the Seven Martyrs’ sight,
    Mere man shall end this endless night.

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  3. Visions of Flesh and Blood: A Blood and Ash/Flesh and Fire Compendium by Jennifer L. Armentrout and Rayvn Salvador 

    Jennifer L Armentrout

    VISIONS OF FLESH AND BLOOD: a Blood and Ash/Flesh and Fire Compendium is a comprehensive companion guide for background, history, reader-favorite information, art, and reference materials. Combined with original short stories and scenes from some of the world’s most beloved characters, as well as never-before-seen visual enticements, it’s a treat for the senses.

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  4. Lore of the Wilds by Analeigh Sbrana
    Lore of the Wilds

    A stunning Romantasy debut about an enchanted library, two handsome Fae, and one human who brings them all together.

    A library with a deadly enchantment.

    A Fae lord who wants in.

    A human woman willing to risk it all for a taste of power.

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  5. A Touch of Chaos by Scarlett St. Clair

    A Touch of Chaos

    The World Will Burn

    Persephone, Goddess of Spring, never guessed a chance encounter with Hades, God of the Underworld, would change her life forever—but he did.

    A fight for humanity and battles between gods, it's a world Persephone never thought she would see. To end the chaos, she must draw upon her darkness and embrace who she's become—Goddess, Wife, Queen of the Underworld.

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Let's be real – our TBR lists can NEVER be too long, am I right?

Personally, I'm absolutely dying to read "A Fate Inked in Blood" – Danielle is one of my auto-buy authors. Which books are making it to your must-read list? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

And let's not stop there – give us all the deets! What other book releases are you itching to get your hands on this February? I'm not afraid to overflow our TBR's further with new favourite reads.  

Happy page-turning, fellow book hoarders!

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