Pour yourself a cup of freshly brewed pink-flowered tea dear reader because The Suriel has something you’re not going to want to miss. The whispers on the wind coming out of the Night Court since the High Lord’s spectacular return from Under The Mountain have been nothing short of sensational.

In a recent lust-filled excursion through the Illyrian Mountains, Death Incarnate and his freshly forged fae companion found themselves in quite the dilemma after tangling with one too many bloodbane-tipped arrows. In desperation, our Cursebreaker sought a remedy from yours truly. Ever the generous host of information, I enlightened Feyre Darling of both the truth she wanted and the truth she needed. Oh reader, if you could have seen the shock turn to pure rage on fair Feyre’s face as I told her,


“The High Lord of the Night Court is your mate.”


A ripple of fear wound its way through the Spring Court this week as the identity of the ruling male beneath the mask was revealed to its newest resident.

In a stunning revelation, the young human woman “Feyre” was delivered a shock blow as she found out her captor was none other than the High Lord of the Spring Court himself.

It is well known across Prythian that the seven ruling lords are not just powerful – they are Power. And there are beings within the realm which extend beyond even the High Lords.
Feyre spoke of her near-deadly snare of The Suriel where she found out not only about the Spring Court’s High Lord, but what else roams these lands.

“I asked if it was a member of the Spring Court,” Feyre retells. “What it said…”
“I am a member of no Court. I am older than the High Lords, older than Prythian, older than the bones of this world.”

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