Unveiling Seven Captivating 'Why Choose' Reads"

Unveiling Seven Captivating 'Why Choose' Reads"

Are you ready to dive into a world where choices lead to adventure, intrigue, and oh-so-satisfying romance? Today, we're unveiling a treasure trove of 'Why Choose' books that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and leave you yearning for more. So grab your reading glasses, a comfy blanket, and let's explore these captivating worlds together!


1. Madison Kate Series by Tate James
Prepare to be hooked as Madison Kate navigates a world of danger, mystery, and irresistible connections. With a cast of enigmatic men who refuse to be forgotten, this series blends steamy romance and heart-pounding suspense. Your heart will race, your pulse will quicken, and you'll find yourself falling for each and every character.

And guess what? We're head-over-heels in love with this series too, which is why we're thrilled to unveil our official merch that's a tribute to Madison Kate's world of thrills and passion!


Our Madison Kate merch is officially licensed by Tate James.


2. The Bonds That Tie Series by J. Bree
Love knows no bounds in this gripping tale where relationships defy conventions. Dive into the story of fierce passion, heartwarming connections, and a love that can't be contained. J. Bree crafts a narrative that reminds us that true bonds go beyond the ordinary.

We're thrilled to announce that we've officially crafted licensed merch that pays homage to this unforgettable journey of boundless love and devotion!


Our The Bonds That Tie merch is officially licensed by J Bree.

3. Dark Fae by Carolyn Peckman and Susan Valenti
Fantasy meets 'Why Choose' in this enchanting world where dark fae and sizzling attraction collide. Prepare for a magical journey through realms unknown, complete with intricate world-building and characters that will steal both your heart and your imagination.


4. Faking with Benefits by Lily Gold
Indulge in the delightful world of "Faking with Benefits" by Lily Gold, where sparks fly, tensions rise, and unexpected connections take center stage. And remember, if you find yourself enchanted by Lily Gold's storytelling magic in this enticing read, you're in for a treat with her other creations too – each book she pens is a realm of emotions waiting to be explored and savored. So, if you're craving a literary journey that'll stay with you long after the final page, any book written by Lily Gold comes highly recommended!


5. WITSEC Series by Ashley N Rostek
Danger, secrets, and the allure of multiple partners intertwine in the WITSEC series. Ashley N Rostek weaves tales of suspense and romance, painting a world where choices are a matter of life and death, and love blossoms in the most unexpected places.


6. The Heart Hassle Series by Raven Kennedy
Raven Kennedy weaves magic into her words, crafting stories that are equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. The Heart Hassle series is a whirlwind of supernatural charm, quirky characters, and love interests that will leave you grinning and swooning in equal measure.


8. Trickery by Jaymin Eve
If you're entranced by the spellbinding intrigue of this novel, you're in for a treat with Jaymin Eve's other enchanting creations too. Her stories are like keys to hidden realms, each opening doors to adventures you won't want to miss. So, dive into "Trickery" and discover why any book penned by Jaymin Eve comes with a one-way ticket to a universe brimming with wonder and excitement!



In the realm of 'Why Choose' books, each recommendation is a portal to a world where love defies conventions and choices shape destinies. Whether you're drawn to suspenseful twists, supernatural allure, or heartwarming connections, these novels promise to leave you spellbound. So, gather these literary gems, indulge in the magic of multiple loves, and prepare to be swept away! Happy reading, adventurers! 📚✨


Let us know what 'Why Choose' books you are loving? We'd love to hear!


Tracy & The C&C Team x 


Ps. You can find these books on Amazon or from some of our favourite independent bookstores like Fiction & Friction!

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