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Our C+C-sonal Reading List for June, July, and August

Our C+C-sonal Reading List for June, July, and August

If your TBR pile is anything like ours, it probably isn’t just one singular pile anymore. You probably have a physical TBR, one on your Kindle or e-reader, and maybe even a hold list at your local library.

This can make picking your next read incredibly overwhelming! What do you choose?! Well, we thought it would be a great idea to share what we’ll be reading over the next few months. That way, you can read along with us if you want. (You may pick up on a few hints about designs we have in the pipeline along the way.)

We’ll also be posting our own thoughts on these books as we make our way through the list so you can get an even better idea of whether or not they're for you. Of course, we’ll be inviting you to share your opinions in the comments, as well, so that we can have a book club-style discussion.

So, with all of that said, here are a few of the books we’ll be reading this June, July, and August:

1. “7th Circle” by Tate James

7th Circle (Hades Book 1) - Kindle edition by James, Tate, Aguiar, Wander .  Romance Kindle eBooks @

If you’ve been a member of the C+C family for a while, you probably know we’re Tate James fans. But whether you’ve read her “Madison Kate” series or not, we think you’ll get excited about this one.

This is the first in James’ “Hades” series, and you absolutely do not want to mess with the titular character. She’s the leader of a host of gangs and is the living embodiment of BDE. None of her love interests will ever have to ask her, “Who did this to you?” because whoever laid a hand on her is definitely already in the ground.

That’s right, we’ve getting into a dark, contemporary romance and we’re pretty amped about it. We love a morally grey character, and our girl Hades is poised to be just that and so much more. (Also, we just love that her name is Hades.)

Our main character is balancing three different romance plotlines, along with all of the challenges that come with being a leader. We cannot wait to dive in!!

Add 7th Circle to your Goodreads!

2. “Broken Bonds” by J. Bree

Broken Bonds (The Bonds that Tie Book 1) eBook : Bree, J: Kindle Store -

What can we say? We’re in the mood for some reverse harem series, so we’re starting a second one after we finish up with “7th Circle.”

For some of us, this will be a re-read of book #1 of J. Bree’s “The Bonds That Tie” series, but it’s the first time around for others. This is a paranormal romance that plays employs the fated mates trope, putting our female MC, Oli, is a difficult spot. She’s bonded to several men, and she’d somewhat reluctant about the whole thing. She also has some trauma to work through along the way.

We’re very intrigued by this one, and we’re so ready for another slow burn situation.

Add Broken Bonds to your Goodreads!

3. “The Serpent and the Wings of Night” by Carissa Broadbent

The Serpent and the Wings of Night (Crowns of Nyaxia Book 1) eBook :  Broadbent, Carissa: Books -

Ahhhh, a forbidden romance between a vampire and a human. We love to see it.

The first installment of Carissa Broadbent’s “Crowns of Nyaxia” series follows Oraya, the daughter of a vampire king, as she tries to prove herself in a legendary tournament held by the goddess of death. She teams up with an absolutely ruthless vampire named Raihn and, of course, finds herself very into him. (Oh noooooooooo! We’re sooooo upset by this. 🙃)

Add The Serpent and the Wings of Night to your Goodreads!

So, what do you think? Will you be joining us in reading these books? Let us know in the comments and tell us what else we should add to our list.

Oh, and welcome to our unofficial C+C book club! Happy reading!

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